Why Are My Pipes Leaking, And How Do I Fix Them?

Stop Leaking Pipes For Good!

Discovering that one of your pipes is leaking is never fun. Maybe you have noticed a puddle of water outside when it’s not raining, or worse off, one in your house. Maybe you just heard a drip, or noticed that the water pressure has declined. There are several ways to find out if your pipes are leaking, and depending on the severity and cause of the leak, you may be able to repair it yourself. Today we will share common causes of pipes leaking, and how to know if you should attempt to fix it on your own, or call in a professional plumber. 

Why Are My Pipes Leaking?

There are many causes of leaky pipes in a home or backyard. Once you locate and confirm the leaking pipe, you can then try to figure out what caused the pipe to leak. Some leaks are due to a bad connection, or disintegrating pipe. The interior walls of an old galvanized pipe may begin to rust and decay causing small holes or breaks in the pipe walls. This can cause the pipe to become vulnerable, and the slightest disruption can cause the pipe to burst at any moment. 

PVC pipes are resistant to rust, but are not as strong as metal, which means digging, or bumping pipes can cause them to break apart or become disconnected. PVC as well as metal can be plagued by mold or other debris making the water pressure run through them unevenly causing stress on one part of the pipe. Freezing cold temperatures can also be a potential hazard for pipes as they become very frigid or frozen, and can burst if the water pressure gets backed up and can’t pass through. 

Common Causes Of Pipe Leaks:

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Broken Seals
  • Underground movement
  • Intruding Tree Roots
  • High Water Pressure
  • Improper Joints & Fittings
  • Freezing & Extreme Weather
  • Clogged Blocked Lines / Passageways
  • Damaged Pipes by Digging or Hitting

First Steps To Fix Pipes That Are Leaking

Once you discover the location and cause of the leak, make sure you turn the water off to begin your repair. Turing the water off at the first sign of a leak can save water, money, and help to avoid property damage. If you were unsuccessful at locating the pipes leaking, then call a professional at JG Graybill immediately. This could mean you have a leaking pipe under your house which can lead to major problems and expenses. Frozen, bursting or leaking pipes underneath your house can lead to flooding that damages your entire floor, furniture, and water can even work up into the walls causing mold and wood rot. 

Now that you have found the location of your leaking pipe, and the water is off, check to make sure there are not multiple leaking points in the pipe. Generally once one leak shows up, another shortly follows. If you have galvanized pipes, it may be time to replace them with PVC. If the pipe is underground, dig and expose as much as possible very carefully. You don’t want to further damage your pipe. If the pipe is in the house or basement and is exposed, you can more easily access it without needing to dig or find the leak point. 

Pipe Leak Repair Kits

There are several types of pipe leak repair kits available at your local home improvement store or online. Many of these can act as a decent temporary solution, but should not be considered permanent. If you feel confident in your abilities, you can utilize epoxy, clamps and or pipe tape. Every situation is different, and these kits don’t always hold. It is better to do the job right the first time to avoid another leak, or a surprise emergency in the middle of the night. When possible, replacing the compromised pipe is always the best solution. You can replace just the damaged section to save some money, or get it all done at once so you don’t have to worry. 

Common DIY Leaky Pipe Repair Methods

  • Fiberglass Tape
  • Epoxy Putty
  • Repair Sleeves
  • Slip Couplings

When To Call A Professional Plumber

If you have any doubt in your ability to repair or replace your pipe, then we highly recommend giving us a call at (717) 768-3276. You can call just to ask questions, or to have us come out and fix your leaky pipe for you. Our team of professional plumbers will get your pipes back to safety quickly, and with lasting dependability. When you call JG Graybill to get help with your leaking pipe, we will do a full investigation of the location and cause of your leak. This way we can be certain to provide the appropriate solution to your specific issue.